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Wedding Day Tips: Choosing Your Bridal Suite

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Chances are, if you are booking me or a photographer like me, you are drawn to the light and airy style of shooting and editing. Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret…Location plays a HUGE role in achieving that style. There’s just no way around it, a white room with floor to ceiling windows is going to naturally lend itself better to this style than a dark window-less barn.

With that in mind, choosing a location that truly suits the style of photography you love is actually quite important in getting the images you may have in mind or want to emulate.

So today, I want to talk about the part of the day that usually comes first in your gallery – your getting ready photos! You put so much effort into finding the perfect ceremony and reception spots…don’t forget to put some effort into your bridal suite (or grooms suite!) so that you end up with those gorgeous light-filled images throughout your WHOLE day!

Here are 5 aspects to consider with your space:


If you only follow one thing on this list, let this be it. The more windows the better, but at a minimum, your getting ready space should have 2 windows. (One wall-sized window or glass door would be an acceptable alternative).


The lighter the floors the better. And if you don’t want an outdated “hotel pattern” in all your full length or shoe photos, pay close attention to what the carpet looks like.


The lighter the walls the better (noticing a pattern here?!). Also, the more neutral the walls the better. Anything in a muted, earthy color palette is a good bet. Above all else, you want to avoid brightly colored walls. If your only two options are a room with lime green walls or a room with black walls, go with black. The photos may not be quite as light and airy as if your walls were beige, BUT you won’t have a green tint on your dress and face, so we’ll take it 🙂


Picking a space with unique, beautiful furniture pieces will take your photos to a whole new level. Maybe it’s a vintage armchair. Maybe it’s an ornate couch. Or maybe it’s an antique vanity. Something with a little bit of character will instantly class your images up and make them something you want to frame for your granddaughters.


So now that we know some components that make up a “photographically ideal” getting ready space, let’s throw a wrench in all of that and consider the location. You might have a family member with a room that checks off ALL the things on this list, but if it’s extremely out of the way from where your portraits or ceremony are going to take place, I would highly recommend making some compromises and finding something a bit closer to the action. Your budget will thank you.


Ok so you’ve found the perfect place, you’re done, right?! Not quite.

Here are 3 things to remember to do with your space BEFORE your photographer arrives:

  1. Make the bed. And like, REALLY make the bed. You know, like not the way you made your bed in high school. Nothing ruins a background more than a wrinkly, messy bed.
  2. Move bags, water bottles, chargers, etc. AWAY from the windows. We’re going to ask you to do this anyways if it’s not done, so you might as well not waste valuable shooting time. This is a great task to outsource to your friends/family 😉
  3. Place all your wedding day details (invites, dress, shoes, jewelry, etc.) together in a pile near the windows. The last thing we want to do is pester you with questions about where your rings are while you are getting ready/hanging with your girls. So do yourself and us a favor and have it all together in one spot ahead of time! Then you can just keep sipping that mimosa while we do our thing 😉


Aaaand that’s it! Easy peasy! 😉 I know it can be hard to find options that check everything off this list, so if you are ever in need of suggestions, don’t hesitate to ask your photographer or planner!

Happy planning!


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  1. Romy

    June 3rd, 2018 at 9:51 pm

    Love it!
    So true. Location, location, location! Getting ready photos are my favorite. <3

  2. nicole jansma

    June 6th, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    Thanks girl! Location makes such a huge difference!!

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