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2018 Top Ten: Chicago Engagements & Anniversaries

Top Ten Series

True story: I decided to write an entirely new post (the Top Ten Destinations post) because I had TOO many favorite engagement & anniversary photos from the year. Splitting it up by Chicago and non-Chicago helped me cheat the system a bit and show more of my faves 🙂

I loved exploring such beautiful spots in our city with my couples this year. There are endless options for backgrounds and the light is always different, making each session so unique and lovely. I had so much fun capturing the different colors and seasons of the city. From snow storms to blue skies, from misty fog to golden fall hues, there was so much beauty.

Classy Wrigley Building Engagement

Not only do I love the views from this spot by the Wrigley Building, but the colors of the city and the river always look divine in the background. Also Kristina’s skirt is SO cute and I can’t handle the way these two are laughing together.

Elegant Ambassador Hotel Rooftop Engagement

The views from the Ambassador CANNOT be beat. What a way to celebrate your engagement! And Charley and Nick styled their outfits perfectly to embrace the classy vibe of the space and the skyline.

Foggy Lincoln Park Engagement

The tones that are coming from that post-rain haze are so incredibly lovely. And then you add in the skyline and the streetlights starting to come on. And Amyanne and Rich are just so perfect together!

Sunny Lincoln Park Engagement

It’s not every day you get a blue sky day in Chicago, but this was one! I loved the way the sun reflected through this archway and painted the trees and skyline so perfectly in the background. And I love the way Katie and Mike are looking at each other!

Golden Fall Lincoln Park Engagement

With pops of gold and orange and crunchy leaves on the ground, this session screamed fall. And fun fact – I don’t prompt lifts. This was 100% a candid reaction to a different prompt and holy moly Megan and Nick nailed it.

Romantic Chicago Riverwalk Anniversary

I love finding new spots along the river and this may be a new favorite, especially when you’ve got that soft morning light bouncing along the water. I love the layers of bridges in the background, giving you such a fun perspective of the city. And of course, Hannah & Pat brought such elegance in their outfits.

Rainy Civic Opera House Engagement

Sometimes the weather has other plans for your session – when that happens, it’s best to embrace it! Mackenzie & Alex embraced it and embraced it well. I loved the soft rainy day light, the soft colors of their outfits, and the classic Chicago iron bridge.

Wintery Downtown Chicago Anniversary

Another fun aspect of the riverwalk is getting to be creative in your positioning. You get to play magician in a very crowded part of town and give the impression that you’re the only ones in the city. I loved Emily & Austin’s cozy winter outfits and the way the cloudy light was creating such lovely shades of blue in the background.

Snowy Olive Park Engagement

It’s not every day a snowstorm abruptly starts during your session. I love the way it hazed the city and made Allison and Mike pop! Also, their outfits were PERFECTION.

Wintery Lincoln Park Engagement

I swear, you can’t beat the winter light in Chicago. I love the soft white haziness of it. And it’s even better when paired with Sara & Joe’s cozy cute sweaters and sweet smiles.

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