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2019 Top Ten: Bridal Prep Portraits

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One of my favorite times of the wedding day is the final few minutes of prep with the bride alone. They’re putting on the finishing touches of their carefully planned look for the day and there is anticipation and excitement in the air. These moments are quick and fleeting but I love being able to capture a few memories of the elegance that each of my brides embodies while subtly showing off their impeccable style choices. Below are a few of my favorites from the year!

Chantal: Brunch Wedding at the Langham Hotel

2019 Top Ten Bridal Prep Portraits: wedding at chicago langham

Why I love it: I love the movement you can feel in this photo of Chantal and the textures of her dress and veil. The light was so soft and dreamy in her bridal suite at the Langham and this shot was just begging to become a classic in black and white.

Patrice: Classic Black and White Wedding

2019 Top Ten Bridal prep Portraits: bride putting on earrings

Why I love it: I love the neutral grey backdrop and the beautiful shadows and depth created by the large window light. I love how Patrice’s veil is perfectly draped over her arm creating layers and texture. And her makeup by Planet Color Salon looks flawless!

Sarah: Chicago City Hall Wedding

2019 Top Ten Bridal Prep Portraits: londonhouse chicago wedding

Why I love it: Even though probably 90% of what I post and share is camera unaware, I always make sure to capture some where you are looking at the camera. This shot of Sarah is exactly why I still love to do that. It is a perfect heirloom for future kids and grandkids. Sarah looks flawless with gorgeous natural makeup by Tricia Clarke and beautiful soft light at the LondonHouse.

Jade: Jewel Toned Winter Wedding

2019 Top Ten bridal prep portraits: danada house wedding bridal suite

Why I love it: I love the movement and motion in this shot. I love texture from her gown. And I love the simple elegance of Jade’s posture with her slightly bent hands and her peek over the shoulder.

Megan: Elegant Lavender Wedding

bride putting on veil

Why I love it: This shot of Megan putting on her veil instantly became a favorite of mine. I also instantly knew it was meant to be in black and white. I love the way the light shows off the texture and detail of her veil, dress and hairstyle but keeps a softness around her. And the slight bend and motion of her arms adjusting her veil looks so elegant.

Abby: Modern and Minimal LondonHouse Wedding

wedding at chicago londonhouse

Why I love it: Abby is absolutely glowing and radiant. I love the excitement you can feel in this photo and the gorgeous window light in her suite at LondonHouse. I love the profile shot here to show off her beautiful low bun by Bianca Sansosti and her statement earrings all at the same time.

Kristina: Elegant and Whimsical Summer Wedding

hayley paige bride

Why I love it: The motion of Kristina adjusting her belt has such a delicate elegant feel to it. I love the light and the depth and how we get a little glimpse of her beautiful makeup. When I’m focusing on a detail or accessory, I love to try to frame the photo in a way that still lets me see the lips because the mouth conveys the emotion of the moment and tells the bigger story.

Camy: Rustic Nature Museum Wedding

bridal prep portrait

Why I love it: I love how effortless this feels. We’re getting all the normal elements of a classic bridal portrait (details of the dress, hairstyle, etc.) but in a very candid way as Camy quickly peeked over her shoulder.

Amyanne: Elegant Country Club Wedding

bride putting on necklace

Why I love it: Amyanne is the definition of classic elegance. She is so lovely and sweet and I love how this photo tells you that without you needing to meet her. I love the pretty window light and the depth and shadows it created. I love how the intricate detailing of her gown shows and how you get to see her pretty pearl accessories in a very natural way. And I love how it shows off her beautiful updo and makeup by Tamara Makeup.

Lindsey: Intimate DL Loft Wedding

open back bhldn wedding gown

Why I love it: This isn’t as traditional a bridal portrait since it was captured as Lindsey was walking away but it quickly became one of my favorites. It was a perfect way to capture the beautiful detailing of the back of her BHLDN gown and her gorgeous updo by Essa Dora Salon. And of course I love it because the movement makes it feel so organic.

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