What will matter are the memories and moments you shared with each other and the people you celebrated with. To that end, here are a few of my promises to you: 

I will be a thoughtful documentarian of your day rather than an intrusive presence.

I will never add props that weren't already there. I don't bring props with me and I don't style your details beyond placing them in beautiful light and arranging them to look pleasant.

I will never put things in places they wouldn't naturally be (read: I will never take your dress outside to hang on a tree).

I will never place you in stiff, awkward poses.  I'll put you in the best light and best position for the camera and then step back and let the magic happen!

the moments that most deserve to be preserved and revered are of people, connection & emotion

I believe that more stuff doesn't equal a better photo or a better wedding, so I celebrate simplicity in my photos and aim to find beauty in the smallest things. While I do capture all of your wedding day details for you to remember, they will not take a prominent place in your gallery. Why? Because at the end of the day your centerpieces won't matter, your desserts will be forgotten, and you'll never frame that photo of your escort card display. 

"We are STILL looking at our photos in amazement!! Her eye for photography and beauty is incredible, she really makes magic happen with her camera"

iliana + Jamie


"Nicole instantly becomes the one part of your special day you didn’t know you couldn’t live without. "

Hannah + pat


"We were a little nervous about planning a Chicago elopement from a distance, but immediately after connecting with Nicole felt completely at ease."

leah + Luke


"We are blown away by Nicole's attention to detail, her responsiveness, her kindness, her photos, and beyond."

Allison + mike


"We cannot recommend Nicole enough! Book her as your photographer!"

marcella + alex


"Nicole's experience and expertise really put us at ease during the whole process. She was sweet, patient, creative, and really fun to work with."

huan + quentin


"Nicole created such a comfortable environment and made it easy to get lost in the moment with the one you love."

Brittany + Justin


"Nicole takes the time to go above and beyond in her work, to make every shot the best and to also make you feel comfortable."

adriana + Richard


"Nicole's warm personality made us instant friends, and during the session she created a comfortable and enjoyable experience. She goes above and beyond in every way." 

Marcelle + scott


Kind Words

couples sessions begin at $800

Whether it's your engagement session, an anniversary, or you just want memories of you &  your love in your favorite destination, these sessions are always so fun & full of naturally sweet, romantic moments!

Couples Sessions

Elopements Begin at $1950

Intentional simplicity at its absolute finest! Whether you choose to tie the knot at city hall, in the mountains, or in the French countryside, eloping lets you slow down, savor, and be fully present with each other.


MicRo-Weddings begin at $3200

When you want the traditions of a full wedding, but a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere, this is for you! Scaling back your guest list lets you be intentional and thoughtful with every element of your wedding.