• Let's keep this intro going! •

I'm Nicole! I'm a Behavior Analyst turned photographer (because I've never liked doing things the conventional way) and a Southern gal turned Midwesterner.
I'm an...ISTJ. Old soul. Broadway and board game fanatic. Francophile. Chronic movie-sleeper. Lefty. Gryffindor. Obnoxious Auburn Football Fan. Wannabe baker. Creature of habit. Lover of the mountains. And an avid list-maker.
I'm a Type A planner who dabbles with spontaneity. So I'm 100% on board with your last minute mountain-top elopement, but I'm going to be doing hours of research on lighting and locations on that airplane and will have a Leslie Knope worthy binder of ideas by the end of that flight. 
I crave quiet, authentic moments and find so much beauty in intentional simplicity. I believe that classic elegance never goes out of style but that some traditions are made to be broken.
I'm so honored to get to spend my career stepping into so many beautiful love stories and I can't wait to be a part of yours!

• Will we be a good fit? •

It's so important that you select a photographer whose work you love AND who you share values with. So if you're wondering if I'm the right fit for you, take a look below!

NJP couples...
...value simple and meaningful over flashy
...find beauty in the small things in life
...prefer a small circle of deep friendships
...are just as comfortable in the background as they are in the spotlight
...prefer imperfect and real over staged perfection
...choose timeless over trendy
...still believe in snail mail
...are intentional
...value experiences over things
...are quietly confident