the top two priorities I have during the planning phase are:
crafting a timeline that gets you the most bang for your buck &
finding photo locations that fit your unique style

Hey there! Thanks for taking a moment to stop by! I know that planning a wedding, even a small one, is a lot of work. Finding good vendors, managing your budget, knowing how and when to make certain decisions...none of it is easy! And to add to the pressure, there are a lot of mistakes you can make during the planning process that ultimately will have a negative impact on your photo experience.

Not on my watch. I'll help you avoid those mistakes so that you can get the same style of images that first drew you to my work. From timelines to style tips; vendor connections to location suggestions, I've got you covered! 

Here's what you can expect from the second you inquire through gallery delivery!

The Process

Head over to my contact page and send a note so we can get the conversation started!

Fill out that contact form





If I'm available for your date, I'll reach out to set up a brief initial phone consult. This helps me get a better sense of your unique plans and what coverage you might need.



Based on our conversation, I will send you a customized sample timeline and package quote.



If you're feeling good and want to keep moving forward in the process, the next step is a face to face meeting. This is to give us all a chance to make sure we mesh personally. SO IMPORTANT.

Face to face meeting


If we all feel good about the partnership, we can move to booking. I'll schedule one final call to go through nitty gritty stuff like how I protect your images and then we can sign the dotted lines!



After we're official I'll be sending you a TON of resources to help you get the best photos possible. I'll continue to work with you on the timeline til we've got a plan (AND a rain plan)!



1 month prior to your wedding day we will have one last formal consult meeting where we finalize photo timelines, locations, and other details.

FINAL Consult


On your wedding day, I'm there to execute the plan we discussed. I'll keep us on track with our timeline while capturing images that properly tell the story of your day. 

Wedding day


The fun is over, now you gotta wait :) But don't worry, you'll see plenty of sneak peeks during this time! Your edited, high res gallery will be in your inbox 5 weeks after your wedding date!

Post Production


Your wedding is over, you've received your gallery, our professional relationship is (sadly) over. But don't be strangers! I love keeping in touch with my clients over the years :) 

Let's stay friends!


I'm Southern-bred and Chicago-based, which means I know how to drive in the snow but I'm picky about my biscuits and fried chicken.

I love to travel but hate being a tourist. I watch Pixar movies more often than someone my age should and will never turn down a true crime documentary.

I'm an...ISTJ. Old soul. Broadway and board game nerd. Francophile. Chronic movie-sleeper. Obnoxious Auburn Football fan. Wannabe baker. Minimalist. Creature of habit. Lover of the mountains. Avid list-maker. And a Type A planner who dabbles with spontaneity. 

Meet Nicole

The NJP Couple

NJP couples love classic elegance but aren't afraid to be slightly unconventional. They know that style and simplicity can co-exist. They choose timeless over trendy. They are a little bit old-school, and a little bit adventurous. And they find beauty in the small things in life. 

Sound like you? Let's chat!