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Paris Lifestyle Session – Debi Lilly


If there’s anyone I’ve met who shares my level of passion for Paris and the French, it’s the one and only Debi Lilly! We recently got to spend a whole day together in this magical city, walking from one beautiful spot to another, starting in and around Île Saint-Louis and the 4ème arrondissement and ending over near Le Jardin du Luxembourg. I had the pleasure of having her in front of my camera from le petit déjeuner til l’apéro 🙂

Île Saint-Louis & Le Marais

We started our morning at her cozy apartment on Île Saint-Louis, sipping tea, enjoying the cool window breeze, and soaking in the sounds of the city waking up. Before leaving the Île, we stopped by a local florist to pick up some tulips, because why not?!

We then crossed the Seine into Le Marais, where we explored a small, quiet garden outside of l’Hôtel de Sens. I love the unique structure of this building and the small maze of greenery with little pops of color peeking through.

As we crossed back onto the Île, we had a unique moment on the bridge with no pedestrians or cars that I absolutely HAD to take advantage of. I love the cobblestone texture and how the line of buildings seems to go on forever behind her. I also especially love the spire from Notre Dame peeking up in the background – such a beautiful reminder of what we have now lost.

After some outfit changes, we captured other fun angles along the Seine looking back on Île Saint-Louis as well as walking through the streets of the Île.

6ème Arrondissement

We made our way across the Seine and over into the 6ème arrondissement for some fun near the Luxembourg. There we captured some classic Paris balcony views (hello flower pots and creamy colored backgrounds!). We also took a quick stroll past a beautiful wall covered in scripted poetry.

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