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Where to Take Engagement Photos

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One of the first things you’ll probably do after getting engaged is start thinking about engagement photos! This can bring up so many questions including where to go, when to do them, and what to wear. Today I’m here to help you brainstorm location ideas! No matter where in the world you live, there are several categories of locations that are GREAT options for your engagement photos. Take a look at these categories below and then personalize it by making a list of places near you that might fit the bill!


Parks are an obvious option and they work all year round! There are usually so many beautiful backdrops to choose from and they are so versatile. As you’re looking around on Google for parks near you, don’t rule out tiny parks – sometimes the little neighborhood parks are better than the big popular parks!

engaged couples in parks


Museums are a really unique indoor option for your engagement photos. You’ll want to check their sites for photo policies and you’ll need to plan ahead for the added cost for tickets, but if everything checks out you are in for such a treat! Pick a museum that has a vibe or style you love and run with it!

engaged couple in art museum

College Campuses

College campuses usually have so many pretty backdrops and unique structures to utilize. They also make for a really fun way to incorporate some school pride or reminisce about the place you met.

engaged couple on college campus in indiana


Beaches, lakefront walkways, boat docks…basically any waterfront location is a great option! Find a body of water near you and then scour the map for some unique spots that border it. It’s bound to be beautiful any time of year!

couples on beaches for engagement session


Rooftops are a really fun option for photos, especially if you live in a city or in a location with wide-stretching scenic views like mountains. Think outside of the box here – check out local hotels or restaurants or ask your friends if their apartment building has a roof deck. Another less thought-of way to get those rooftop views is to go to the top deck of a parking garage. It will have a bit more of an industrial feel but it’s a low-cost way to achieve that look!

couples on rooftops in chicago for engagement photos


If you live in a location that has some well-known landmarks (or if you are traveling for your engagement session), start by considering those for your backdrops. While I would encourage adding a second location that’s perhaps a bit less obvious, these landmarks are popular for a reason! It’s so memorable to have photos of yourself in such iconic places!

couples in paris for engagement photos

Neighborhood Streets

Don’t underestimate the beauty of just stepping outside of your home or apartment and taking to the local streets of your neighborhood! It’s so fun to find the beauty in the seemingly mundane that surrounds you day after day. It’s also a great way to commemorate your time living there in the event you move in the future.

couples walking in the street for engagement photos

Meaningful Spots

Finally, consider spots that are meaningful to you as a couple. For example, Karen and James (left) regularly go on runs together in this beautiful park in Colorado. And Magen and Spencer (right) opted to be photographed in the little park in the neighborhood where they just bought a home. If there is a spot you two frequent together, a bar where you first met, or a passion you share, those are great launching pads for adding a really unique and personal spin to your engagement session. Get creative!

boulder colorado engagement session

Where are you thinking about for YOUR engagement session? Let me know in the comments below!

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